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For a visa extension, the employer or the investor needs to prove that the person who holds the visa still meets all the qualifications under the law. An extension is always viable when there is a continuation of employment or an expansion in roles and responsibilities, and it requires the foreign individual to be in the United States for a longer period of time.

How Long Can I Stay In The United States With Each Of These Visas?

Each visa comes with its own period of authorization, depending on various factors. It’s important to note that whenever a foreign investor or a foreign worker is coming in for the first time, the visa will generally be granted for only one year. Then, it will be renewable, depending on the visa type. For example, the TN visa is granted only for periods of up to one year and can be renewed numerous times, with no limit. The L-1 visa has a seven year cap and can be extended in increments of three years. The E-visa can be extended for periods of two or three years and there is no cap on renewals.

Can My Spouse Work While Here On My Visa?

Derivative visas do not provide for work authorization. However, immigration is taking steps to modify the regulations in such a way where authorization will be something a derivative beneficiary can get in the future.

If My Visa Is Denied, Can I Appeal Or Re-Apply?

Whenever a visa is denied, the denial will be accompanied by a detailed explanation indicating the specific reasons why that particular application was denied. Normally, immigration will give you the opportunity to cure some of those defects and submit more evidence for a favorable decision. If there is a flat out denial, you can always submit an appeal or ask for reconsideration.

What Are Some Mistakes People Make When Applying For These Visas On Their Own?

Business immigration visas have very strict and specific requirements. They require a lot of documentation, which may not be easily translatable into English. Some common pitfalls are not explaining or not meeting the requirements that are specifically stated to be able to obtain the visa. Another pitfall is that people apply for the wrong visa.

Why Is It Imperative That I Work With An Experienced Immigration Attorney When Applying For These Visas?

The decision to come to United States either for work or for investment is a very big decision for foreign individuals and often involves a substantial amount of financial investment. If the person is going to be invested in the process of immigrating to the United States, it’s important to have legal help that can not only walk you through the process but also anticipate and advise on any risks, pitfalls, or legal problems that can arise out of the visa process.

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