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You fill out Form I-589, which the formal name of the application to seek asylum.

What Counts As Religion Under US Immigration Law?

Religion is any organized faith or belief that people practice. Proving religion requires documents to show you showing your faith affiliation with certain organizations.

What Are Some Mistakes People Make That Can Hurt Their Asylum Application?

Not filing your application on time is the biggest mistake you can make, followed by not having the proper evidence to corroborate your claims for asylum.

Can I Still File For Asylum If I Was Forced To Flee My Home Without My Documents?

There are several forms of evidence that you can use to prove identity. If the use of fabricated documents was in connection to the necessary for you to flee persecution, then that will be taken into consideration. You can still file for asylum but the lack of evidence will be taken into account when determining whether there is sufficient evidence to corroborate the claim.

Is There Any Way To Expedite The Asylum Process?

Right now, with the sudden changes in asylum policy and regulations, it is very difficult to determine if any particular asylum claim can be expedited.

How Long Will It Take For My Asylum Case To Be Decided?

Right now, with the sudden changes in asylum policy and regulations, it is very difficult to determine how long a particular asylum claim will take to be adjudicated.

Can I Work While My Asylum Application Is Pending?

Immigration law provides for the issuance of an employment authorization document and work permit, after your application has been pending for a certain amount of time.

How Does It Impact My Case If I’m Already In Removal Proceedings?

If you’re already in removal proceedings, immigration authorities will ask you why your asylum claim wasn’t made until you were facing removal proceedings. It could become a factor in determining the asylum case.

What Happens After My Asylum Application Is Approved?

After your asylum gets approved, you will receive a formal notification by immigration services or an order by an immigration judge, saying your asylum was approved. At that point, you obtain refugee status. The immigration law provides that after one year of refugee status, you can apply to adjust your status to that of a lawful permanent resident.

Can I Travel After I’ve Been Granted Asylum?

You can travel within the United States, as a refugee. It’s not recommended to travel back to the country where you are claiming fear but after becoming a resident or a citizen, travel can be appropriate.

What Happens If My Asylum Claim Is Denied?

Immigration law provides various mechanisms to reopen, reconsider, or appeal an adverse decision on an asylum case. Depending on who denies it, you will have the option to reopen, reconsider, or appeal your claim, depending on the particular reason your asylum case was denied.

Why Is It Critical To Have An Experienced Attorney To Handle My Asylum Application?

Immigration laws are evolving. Regulations and policies are being implemented at a very fast pace, often to the detriment of many applicants. It is important to have someone on your side, who is in tune with the latest immigration policy and procedure. We have attorneys with experience in these cases who have obtained refugee status for many clients.

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