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I am a South Texas native and my firm is located Edinburg, Texas. Our geographical location places us in a unique position to work in all the different facets of immigration law. We’ve been practicing for about nine years and I have over 10 years of immigration law experience.

What Are The Most Common Immigration Options For Foreign Investors And Professionals?

The most common immigration options for foreign investors is the E-visa, which is a visa that allows a foreign investor to come into the country to own and operate an investment for profit. Another investment vehicle would be the EB-5 entrepreneur visa. When a foreign investor injects a substantial amount of capital into the United States economy, it’s on an investor visa.

What Do I Need To Begin The Application Process For These Visas?

If you’re going to come in as a foreign professional, we need to have a letter of employment from the American employer, detailing what specific roles and responsibilities the worker is going to have and which hours the worker is going to work. If a person is going to come in as a foreign investor, the person would need to register his business, get the investment, and go to the United States with a business plan that shows financial forecasts for the future.

What Factors Does The US Government Consider In Approving These Visa Applications?

In an investor or professional foreign worker visa context, immigration is going to look at whether or not the requirements of the specific visa have been met. There certain levels of education and experience that these foreign workers need to have before immigration can approve their applications. For a foreign investor, a source of funds is also a very important factor to show, as is a business plan showing an economic forecast on how they plan to develop their investment in the United States.

What Is The Procedure Of Applying For These Visas In A US Consulate Vs. While Being In The US?

Most visas will be sought at a US consulate or embassy in the home country of the foreign individual. For an investor visa, those are usually applied directly at the consulate. There is no petition or certification that has to be done in the United States. For certain types of foreign workers, the visa does require a foreign labor certification and it does require a petition to be filed with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in the United States.

What Family Members Can Apply For These Visas?

Typically, spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 can apply for derivative status, if the principle under the application is granted a visa.

Does My Family Need To Apply For Their Visas At The Same Time With Me?

Once the principle visa is approved, the family member can utilize that approval to go on their own and apply for a derivative beneficiary visa.

What Is The Processing Time For Each Of These Visas If I Apply In The US Or Outside The US?

The processing time varies on the type of visa that you’re applying for. For example, for a TN visa or an E visa, which you can apply for directly at the consulate abroad, processing times for will be dependent on the processing structure and times of the particular consulate or embassy that we are going to apply in. With regards to a US petition for a foreign worker, immigration services does provide an option of a premium processing of a petition, which will allow an employer to know a decision within 15 days of receipt of the petition.

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