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Trade NAFTA Visas In The United States Lawyer, Edinburg CityThe following article will cover:

  • TN visa: a visa available to Mexican and Canadian citizens in certain advanced professions.
  • Eligibility requirements for Mexican citizens.
  • The TN visa application process.

What Is A TN Visa?

A TN visa, standing for Trade NAFTA, is a visa available exclusively to Mexican and Canadian citizens who hold degrees or licenses in certain advanced professions. These professions may include engineers, architects, medical professionals, attorneys, dieticians, and phlebotomists, among others.

What Are The Requirements To Be Eligible For A TN Visa For Citizens Of Mexico?

To be eligible for a TN visa, Mexican citizens must:

  • Prove their Mexican citizenship.
  • Have an advanced degree and a federal license called the Cedula Professional.
  • Provide school records and transcripts.
  • Obtain a work letter or support letter from a sponsoring US employer, detailing their need for a TN visa candidate with specific expertise or knowledge.

What Exactly Is Cédula Professional?

The Cédula Professional is a government-issued professional license from Mexico, recognizing an individual as a qualified professional in their field of expertise, such as engineering, business, medicine, or law.

Can A Mexican Citizen With A Cédula Professional Apply For A TN Visa?

Yes, a Mexican citizen with a Cédula Professional can apply for a TN visa.

What Are Some Of The Professions Eligible For A TN Visa?

There is a specific list of professions recognized under the TN visa. If you are unsure whether your profession is eligible, it is advisable to consult an attorney.

How Do I Apply For A U.S. TN Visa From Mexico?

To apply for a TN visa from Me, you should:

  • Apply online and schedule a consulate appointment in Mexico.
  • Attend an interview with a consulate officer about the work you will be doing in the United States.

Alternatively, you may apply to change your status to a TN visa within the United States, depending on your current legal status. The most common process, however, is to apply at the consulate in Mexico and attend an interview about your work sponsor and your purpose for coming to the United States.

How Long Can A Citizen Of Mexico Stay In The United States On A TN Visa?

A TN visa can be granted for a duration of one to four years. First-time TN visa recipients usually receive a one-year grant, with extensions typically given for up to four years.

Can My Family Member Accompany Me On My TN Visa?

Yes, your family members can accompany you on your TN visa under a special category called TD, designated for dependents of TN visa holders. Eligible family members include your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

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