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Premium Processing Of Visa Applications Lawyer, Edinburg CityThe following article will cover:

  • Premium processing: an option to expedite the processing of certain visa applications by paying an additional fee.
  • Eligible visa categories for premium processing: work visas (O-Visas, P-Visas, and L-Visas), and recently extended to certain student visas and work permits.
  • Premium processing benefits: faster decision and feedback on any deficiencies in the application, but does not guarantee visa approval.

What Is Premium Processing?

Premium processing is an option offered by immigration authorities for certain visas, where an additional fee is paid to receive a decision on the visa approval or denial within 15 days. This service provides expedited processing of the visa application.

How Does Premium Processing Work?

To request premium processing, applicants must fill out an additional form and pay an extra fee, which varies depending on the visa category. The premium processing form and fee should be submitted along with the visa application or extension, and the request for premium processing must be clearly indicated.

What Type Of Immigration Petitions Are Eligible For Premium Processing?

A number of work visas are eligible for premium processing, including O-Visas, P-Visas, and L-Visas. Immigration authorities may expand or modify the list of eligible visas and processes periodically. Recently, premium processing was extended to certain student visas and work permits.

How Much Does Premium Processing Cost?

The fee for premium processing varies depending on the visa category, with a minimum fee of $1,500. Some visas may have a premium processing fee of up to $2,500.

Can I Request A Premium Processing For My Pending Case?

No, premium processing must be requested at the time of submitting the application, petition, or renewal. It cannot be added to an already pending case.

Can Premium Processing Guarantee Approval Of My Petition?

Premium processing does not guarantee visa approval, but it does result in a faster decision. In some cases, immigration authorities may quickly respond to premium processing requests with feedback on any deficiencies in the application, allowing the applicant an opportunity to address them. While it doesn’t guarantee approval, it puts the applicant in a position where they can receive guidance on what is needed to improve their chances of approval.

Can You Apply For Another Visa If You Have One Pending?

Yes, you can apply for any visa for which you are eligible, even if you have another visa application pending. It’s important to note that an individual can have multiple visas based on the purpose of their trip to the United States.

For example, if an athlete has a P-Visa to play in a soccer game, they would enter the U.S. under their P-Visa status. Once the season is over and they want to visit Las Vegas with their family, they would use their visitor visa. You can apply for any visa you are eligible for, regardless of other pending visa applications.

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