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Coming to the United States for investment or commercial purposes often entails a complex and time-consuming visa application process. Our law firm provides end-to-end visa application services for foreign business, investors, executives, athletes, actors and other professionals. The specific purpose and anticipated length of your stay in the United States will determine the visa class(es) available.

Trade treaties between the United States and certain countries enable foreign investors to apply for trade and investment visas. Companies with US operations may petition foreign executives, managers and workers with specialized knowledge for US-based work assignments. Foreign athletes, actors and other artistic professionals may apply for performer visas based on level of ability and recognition.

Our Business Immigration services include:

  • Need assessment to determine appropriate visa class
  • Preparation and submission of visa petitions and applications
  • Extensions and Renewals
  • Tax and regulatory reviews

Globalization and free trade agreements have enabled foreign investors, entertainers and other professionals to establish commercial footprints within the United States. Click on the Visa Class below to learn more.

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