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The L1 visa is usually granted in one-to-three-year increments. If a new company is submitting its first L1 petition, the initial visa will likely be issued for one year. If the company is established and has submitted prior L1 petitions, immigration can issue the visa for up to three years. The maximum time an individual may have in L1 status is seven years. After seven years have been exhausted, a qualified candidate should explore immigrant intent visa options. Residency through the EB-1C, EB-2, or some employment-based category is usually appropriate for these individuals.

A well-educated, experienced person who has done the research and knows the qualifications may still find it helpful to see the services of an experience immigration attorney. The more informed the candidate the better the relationship is with the attorney because there is already a base level of understanding immigration laws and processes. Sometimes a qualified candidate will decide to go it alone, and the next thing they know they’re denied, or their current visa is expiring and was not renewed on time. This can lead to unfavorable situations where even the smallest of errors can derail the entire process.

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