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While COVID-19 continues to decimate the United States both from a health and economic perspective the need for healthcare workers has become very apparent. Even before the COVID-19 crisis, the United States struggled with healthcare worker shortages. Seeking healthcare workers from foreign countries may be a viable option for struggling healthcare organizations.

Does the suspension of immigration proclamation of April 23, 2020 affect foreign healthcare professionals?

The immigration proclamation seems to only apply to immigrants. Foreign healthcare workers holding nonimmigrant visas may still apply for entry. The proclamation provides an exemption for immigrant foreign healthcare workers coming to the United States to work in efforts to research, combat and cure the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak.

What Are Main Visa Options for Foreign Healthcare Workers?

Several visa types are available depending on the healthcare worker’s individual skill and experience.

L-visas are reserved for managers, executives, and workers with specialized knowledge of multi-national healthcare companies.

TN visas are reserved for certain healthcare professionals from Canada and Mexico who have specific job assignments relating to their profession in the United States.

H-1B visa is the most common type of work visa used for healthcare professional workers such as nurses or techs. This visa requires a foreign labor certification prior to the submission of the petition.

Should a US-based Healthcare Company Hire A Foreign Healthcare Worker Without Legal Counsel?

It is not often that a business tries to hire a foreign worker without legal counsel. Large corporations have in-house professionals who deal with these types of immigration transactions. It’s always recommended that an attorney be consulted for the initial guidance to ensure that the foreign healthcare worker possesses the necessary qualifications, and that there are no issues of inadmissibility that might disqualify the worker.

What Dangerous Pitfalls Can A Business Avoid By Hiring An Experienced Immigration Attorney?

The process for attaining visas can be complex, and usually involves working with various governmental agencies. There are certain deadlines which must be met, and additional forms that must be completed depending on the visa category. Many companies that choose to handle the process without legal counsel fail to provide all of the necessary information to the USCIS, and as a result, the process will be prolonged by many requests for additional evidence. Visiting with an experienced immigration attorney at the outset would clarify all these complex processes, shed light

For more information on Healthcare visa options for the COVID-19 outbreak, a detailed case evaluation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (956) 766-4000 today.

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