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Generally, a U.S. based business will need to petition or sponsor a foreign worker for employment in the United States.

How Do I Get Visas For My Professional Employees?

U.S. employers who want to attract foreign employees first need to determine what type of work the foreign employee will perform in the U.S. Next, the employer will need to identify the appropriate visa category for foreign employee. The requirements can vary widely depending on the skill level of the employee and type of work to be performed in the U.S.

Some employment visas will require a Foreign Labor Certification process with the Department of Labor, showing that there are no American workers to fill the role that you are hiring for and that foreign workers are essential to your company’s operations.

Who Qualifies For An EB-3 Visa?

The EB-3 is an employment visa for permanent residence. It’s a visa that allows certain professionals and skilled workers to come into the United States in a permanent manner. Among the required qualifications, the U.S. employer will need to show that the foreign employee is essential and has certain skills and experience that are indispensable.

Who Qualifies For A TN Visa?

The TN visa is a product of the NAFTA trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It’s reserved for Mexican and Canadian citizens and allows Mexican and Canadian citizens who hold certain professional degrees to come into the United States to perform work in those specific fields. There is no foreign labor certification required and there is also no employment petition required.

How Do I Qualify For An Investor Visa?

The United States has trade treaties with certain countries that allow foreign investors to apply for visas. If there is a qualifying current treaty between the United States and your country of origin a foreign investor can proceed with the application process. Different investment types and levels are subject to various qualifications. The investor must document source of foreign initial capital. A clear documented path from the source of the foreign capital to its placement at risk in the United States is required for all investment levels. The foreign investor must show that the investment is real and is in operation or will be in operation soon.

A detailed business plan showing financial forecasts and generation of employment maybe required for certain investment levels.

What Are My Options For Non-Immigrant Visa?

There are different visa options depending on the purpose of travel to the United States. The most common being visitor or tourist visa. However, there are also visas that are reserved for people of the media, professionals, religious workers, athletes and entertainers, aliens of extraordinary ability, celebrities, people who have degrees in arts and sciences, and people who have degrees in various scientific fields. Once you identify the purpose of travel to the U.S., you can discuss what non-immigrant visa options are available.

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