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Now that businesses are recovering from the pandemic and the economy is picking up, foreign investment is also flowing into the United States. Foreign investors and companies are trying to get a commercial footprint in the United States. Consulates around the world are currently accepting business immigration visa appointments, and those will generally be granted if the person can show that they are eligible for the particular investment or work visa they are requesting.

Is the Biden Administration Going to Remove the Barriers to Immigration Imposed During the Trump Administration?

Under the Biden administration, we are going to see some changes in policy with regards to the treatment of immigrants entering the country. There will potentially be a more thorough and rigid immigration process that will allow a lot of people already in the United States a path to residency and eventually citizenship. There is a lot of anticipation as to whether or not this is going to happen, how it is going to happen, and what the final application process will look like. The way things are tending now, it’s quite possible that the Biden Administration will unveil some sort of new comprehensive policy of regulation that will help many people benefit from these new rules.

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