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Some areas of immigration are opening back up to 100%. Things are returning to normal. If somebody has experienced a long wait time because of the pause in processing during COVID, there are ways to get their case back in order. In some specific cases, we are able to request emergency appointments, for compelling cases. If your case has been pending for a more than a reasonable amount of time, it’s worthwhile to check to see if something has been rescheduled or if there is something else causing a delay.

Can Someone Experiencing a Delay in Their Application Hire Your Firm to Expedite the Process?

Depending on your initial application, our office can sometimes represent you after your application has already been filed. Our office is frequently hired to respond to requests for evidence after a person has filed an application individually without an attorney but is notified by immigration that they need more evidence.

We usually tell clients that we would like to handle their case from the beginning, but we will accept cases midstream on a case-by-case basis depending on the complexity of the issue presented and whether or not we are able to realistically assist them in giving a timeframe.

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